RIP Prince Roger Nelson.

Shine like the fierce star you are, baby. Your talent will be SO SO SO missed. You set a standard for what RnB Pop could be. You could jam the fuck out and bring everyone with you on that jam. You seduced everyone with your amazing vocal range and sexy, dirty lyrics. No one in your generation can even touch what you accomplished in terms of style, substance, and music.

You taught me so much about sex, seduction, and laughing at how ridiculous it was. You taught me about music, the beat, the harmonies, cadence and meter in writing songs/poetry, how to dance, spin and twirl my swagger, and let’s not forget a well placed row of buttons on an asymmetrical cowl neck or on the outside seam of a pair of pants. You were a drop dead sexy motherfucka and you knew it.

I loved your last album, it showcased precisely why you were THE Prince of RnB Funk, that you were the ringmaster of the funky jam. I am in tears right now as I type this, crying for the loss of yet another one of my teeny bopper idols who happened to be a musical genius. You’ve been a part of my life since I was 9 and you brought so many beautiful moments and memories into my life, including friendships with other fans.

The last time I saw you in concert, you made us respond to your call, I love you. And then you responded back with the sweetest I love you. It was a genuine I love you because the entire audience felt the love coming from that stage and your performance.

Maybe we’ll see each other again under a cherry moon, sweet Prince. Til then, I’ll see your bright star shining down on us every night, Beautiful One.