Prince :The Humanitarian

I am profoundly Grateful to God, to have born a few years before you to have had you example to follow. My own Humanitarian acts joined with yours through the Universal language of sound that is music. Purple was my favorite color since I was 4 in 57. I will hold in my heart for eternity all the joy of doing good acts inspired by your example. & share the Joy of your own song, now woven into my soul & Spirit. We will see each other again one day. Now you Rest with the Angels. May all of us who grieve your loss & are inspired to walk in your footsteps, be surrounded safe & strong to continue your legacy. We were born to BlackLivesMatter & JOINED ALLIEDFOREVER BY HOLDING LOVE IN OUR HEARTS & COMPASSION FOR HUMANITY . The One True Calling. The One True God> We will try harder to reach our goals because you were here. We are Strengthened by your legacy. When each joins in the unity of your love. Purple Love is all we need. Rest with the Angels, Sweet Prince. Your joy Was in the Doing, & so is mine. May those same Angels surround All of us in this alliance & protect us every second of every day, until we are together again. Who are we if not the sum of our good acts. Love & Light, Mary Kelley