We go back like…

Your music has been part of the soundtrack of my life since way back when…

We go back like when mom and dad were together
When the weather wasn’t “Summer Soft” like Stevie
Believe me

We go back like 1st grade
Like Better Made potato chips and Red Pop Faygo sips
Like that time mama almost flipped when me and baby sis were singing the lyrics “I’ll jack you off” in the back seat she was playing in her tape deck
Car almost wrecked, cause she hadn’t checked
Such a funny memory I didn’t get ’til I was older
Til my mature was bolder and colder

We go back like hot summer Memphis nights with the windows rolled down while K97 played ‘Mountains’ and my brother Dennis couldn’t wait until “and the girls say”

We go back like Sweet 16 parties and Lana Faye’s purple painted room where she’d swoon to every one of your tunes

We go back like Erotic City on 45! (Yessss) trying to drown oppression’s sound, mama would play this joint on repeat til she felt better

We go back like memories I wish I could forget, like lovers I still haven’t met, like “I’m hip” to “5000” to “Dope” to “Bet”

We go back almost 42 years and your music is so timeless we ain’t done yet.

#RIPower Prince

by Cherisse Scott